i-PRO Active Guard is cutting edge intelligent search application with the following features.

i-PRO Active Guard is cutting edge intelligent search application with the following features. Check Easy and quick search  for images based on the external characteristics (attribute information) of people and vehicles. Check Top class number of attributions to detect  in the surveillance industry to detect people and vehicle Check Free from expensive analysis servers  as detection and attribute […]

Video Surveillance Systems

Analog   Analog video surveillance systems have come a long way since the first analog CCTV camera was installed in 1942. Although now considered “yesterdays” technology, analog cameras and digital video recorders are still the market leaders. We can help you decide whether an analog system suits your needs, both technologically and financially. It is […]

Access Control Systems

Tesla Systems partners with leading access control system manufacturers to provide our users with unparalleled control of their facility. Our systems are friendly and powerful, providing you and your business a secure environment conducive to productivity. Many operators opt for remote management, allowing them the freedom to make changes or control their facility from home. […]

QxControl September 2022 Release: Mercury Support, and new QxControl Pro & One!

A major QxControl update just landed! The new September 2022 update includes our support for HID Mercury, launching our own line of Access Control hardware with our Qumulex Enterprise Panels, adding Door Kits that combine the Qx Enterprise Panels with LifeSafety Power enclosures, and adding support for Vivotek camera analytics. Finally, we have changed the way you buy cloud subscriptions with our simplified […]

The exacqVision 21.09 software update includes newly added support for object classification analytics with the Illustra ProGen4 and Axis camera lines

Improve surveillance and situational awareness with object classification analytics and forensic search integrated with exacqVision software.  With the ability for AI cameras to detect moving objects in a scene and classify them as persons or vehicles, the manual time of filtering out objects like animals is reduced. Security operations are also streamlined with rules that can be […]