Video Surveillance Systems

1996 marked the first year that an IP CCTV camera was available to our industry. Throughout the development and embrace of this technology by nearly all camera manufacturers, it has turned into an exciting high-performance solution. Compared to an analog system which uses coaxial cable to transmit video, an IP system uses the same data protocol that your computer uses to connect to the internet, TCP/IP. IP systems are not bound to the NTSC maximum horizontal resolution of 525 lines. Multi-megapixel cameras are available now, and can be recorded at these higher resolutions. We are committed to evaluating the latest technology and delivering it to our customers.

Analog video surveillance systems have come a long way since the first analog CCTV camera was installed in 1942. Although now considered “yesterdays” technology, analog cameras and digital video recorders are still the market leaders. We can help you decide whether an analog system suits your needs, both technologically and financially. It is sometimes more cost effective to use analog cameras, while other times IP may be a better solution for the future. Many of the features in comparable IP based products are available in analog products, so it’s important to have an integrator who can illustrate to you the value each type of system will demonstrate.

Video storage solutions are the foundation of your surveillance system. We work with BCDVideo to provide the best solution for your application, while being sure you have room to grow. BCD is an HP OEM partner, so you know your investment is backed by one of the most trusted names in the storage industry. From RAID solutions and DAS to multiple enclosure redundancy and 10G iSCSI, you can be assured Tesla is prepared to build a safe home for your video data.