Card Reader

An access control system secures your facility by only allowing entry to authorized people. Identity can be verified by traditional cards or via biometric authentication. see more


A video surveillance system enhances your physical security by visually verifying suspicious activity. When integrated with an access control system, you can be proactive in the response to an illegal entry attempt or other alarm condition. see more


Intrusion detection systems can report alarm events while you're not on site to respond, including police or emergency service personnel notification. see more


Emergency phones and intercoms keep your employees and patrons safe in the event of an emergency. Inside or outside, they ensure nobody is ever without assistance should they require it.
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Photo ID

Photo ID badges provide an additional means of identifying employees and visitors to your facility, and indicates that your operation is security conscious. Badges may also contain ancillary data such as fingerprint templates and desktop logon credentials if your facility requires. see more


Turnstiles allow you to measure occupancy as well as avoid tailgaters (multiple entry via one access card). They can indicate unauthorized access both locally and remotely by sounders or visual notification.
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